In person Classic Training $850
In person Classic with intro to Volume Training $1250
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 Online Classic Training starting at  $257

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Online  Volume Training coming soon 
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Classic Training 

The in person Classic Lash Training is great for beginners in lashing or someone looking for a refresher course.  In the Classic course we cover all the fundamentals of  Lashes.

Lash stages of growth,

Eyelash safety

Eyelash styles 

Lengths ,Widths, and curl types

Supplies needed

Product knowledge 

Proper application

After care and cleanup 


Perfect bonding rules 

Lash layering 

Proper eye preparation

Tips and tricks 

How to price your work

Types of tweezers 

Marketing tips

This course is board certified. You will receive a training manual, complete training kit with enough products to get you up and running. You will also receive a certificate of completion. Classes are very hands on.  The total amount due for this  Class is $650 to register for a class a $200 deposit is required then the remaining balance is due the day of class. 

Classic with intro Volume Training 

The Classic with intro to Volume Lash Training is perfect for someone who wants to learn the classic lash application and the volume lash application. In this lash training you will learn the pinching method to create beautiful fans every time. You will learn everything you need to know to feel comfortable and master the volume and classic  lash technique that is taught.   You will also receive a  complete lash kit with a training  manual.  The cost of this course is $1200 a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of $200 is required to book this class and the remaining balance is due the day of the class. This is a 2 and a half  day class.  If you already have a classic training and would just like the volume training the volume training is a one day class and the total for the one day volume training is $650.00 with a non refundable deposit of $200

Classic Online Training 

If you work a 9-5 job and you are unhappy and unmotivated in life, If you feel discouraged with your current situation and don't know which direction to take to reach financial success, If you want a affordable way tp start your own business, If you struggle to find employment opportunities that allow you to grow this is the right path for you.


This Course is great for beginners, or for someone who needs a refresher in classic Lashing. This Course goes over the important fundamentals of lashing that you will take along in your lash career. It covers all you need to know in classic lashing. We go over so much in this class including product knowledge. You  will also receive 15% off all products on Martell Beauty website, lifetime access to instructor ,and a complete lash kit including training mannequin. 

If your ready to take on the lash world, increase your income , and become a boss this class is great for you.

The Online Classic class is  $499 for a limited time. ( Including your kit) . A kit will be mailed out to you with all the products you will need to get started. You can take your time and work at your own pace. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the completion of course.  (Click the Online course button at the top of this page to be directed to out online portal.